The PeachyFit PRO Dual Shaker Bottle allows you to mix 2 liquids. So you can carry both your Pre-Workout and BCAAs on the go - whichever combination you like!


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  • Convenient. Performance Ready. Two in one. 


    Don't worry about having to carry multiple bottles and shakers with you, introducing the NEW PeachyFit PRO Dual Shaker. This high quality and durable shaker bottle will keep you fueled up and operating at your peak performance throughout the day and during your workouts. 


    What's the liquid capacity?


    The PeachyFit PRO Dual Shaker has a liquid capacity of 30oz. Split into two 15oz. compartments on either side. This allows you to carry both your pre and post workout supplements on the go! Contains 2 removebable mixing grills to ensure your supplements are smooth and mixed when shaken.


    Unlike traditional screw top shaker bottles the PRO Dual Shaker has a '4 snap-clip' mechanism combined with a leak proof rubber gasket seal guaranteeing NO LEAKS and ensuring complete freshness!


    BPA Free & Dishwasher Safe.


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